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Cronus Collision CenterCronus Collision Center provides the best available automobile collision and body shop services available in Sunnyvale, San Jose, and the South SF-bay area (in California).  However, we have some valuable information about what to do after accident, insurance companies, affiliated businesses, etc.


Tips for choosing a “right” auto body shop:

Pay Attention to Word-of-Mouth
Word-of-Mouth means trust to satisfied service! Try communicating with a shop that your friends, family member, or any of your acquaintances recommend. This is a business with proven and satisfactory service, even though it may not be the biggest or best-known shop in your area.

Shop Location (and its possible overhead)
Labor cost is the highest in our area as the cost of living is high! However, pay attention to a body shop that has a bigger-than-required front-office. Even though this may not be determinant, it may indicate that customers will be charged for extra cost of establishment! Of course a larger shop with many talents in their team would require a larger location, yet a community-based shop will have their front office relevant to their size, with the shop owner or its manager facing clients.

Get Several Estimates
Having several different quotes is a good way to avoid overcharges! While it's important to prevent overcharges, taking the lowest quote does not mean a good deal either! But trust your instinct when comparing the estimates that are provided by shops with different customer rating!

Ask the Right Questions
Ask key questions when communicating with shop owner / operator! Make sure for instance the shop provides written warranty, indicate warranty duration in writing, and make sure it provides the warranty coverage! In general, a one-year warranty is provided. Some shops offer two-year or three-year warranties, but make sure that you pay for what you get in writing.

Other questions like if the shop carries fire and theft insurance, if the shop has certificates and business licenses, what type of materials the shop intends to use, new / aftermarket / refurbished parts would be used, how many coats of paint would be used, etc. For instance, aftermarket parts can definitely save some money, but all details shall be your choice as what you want to be used to repair your vehicle.

Follow Your Intuition
Did we mention you trust your intuition about the shop you're considering! After all you may even want to check the shop’s online ratings, look at their customer testimonials, how the shop is organized / cluttered, whether the shop owner / manager resents answering questions, how well the owner communicates with customers, etc.

Research your insurance company
Try finding a suitable auto body shop with the help of the insurance agent / firm. Insurance companies usually collaborate with other automotive collision centers and repair shops to ensure their customers get a satisfactory service.

Don’t let prices and rate dictate the choice
Getting a cheaper collision repair is not always the best answer! If the accident is intensely damaging one, the chances are the collision repair service would be expensive. After an accident, the priority should be getting the car fixed as best as possible and not just to save money. Keeping an eye on the budget is always important, but it is more practical to pay more for better / higher quality of work.


Our Business Affiliates

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